About April

It was November 2013 when April Gentes-Robert of Voluntown Connecticut heard the words no woman wants to hear:

“You have breast cancer.”

April was 36 years old with and 3 young children—one still breastfeeding—when she felt lumps in her breast. A couple visits to her doctor were brushed under the rug, as she had no family history of breast cancer and was “too young.” But April persisted—she knew something was wrong.

And it was at a visit on November 19, 2013 that April learned she had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer which had spread to her lymph nodes and liver. She was given 2 years to live with successful chemotherapy.

The news rocked April, her family, and friends. But her faith pushed her through and she underwent chemotherapy, radiation on her liver, and a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. She forged a path that that her doctors had not seen before, and because of that, today she continues to hear better news:

“No evidence of metastatic disease.”

Now a resident of Keller, Texas since 2018, April continues to have chemotherapy every 3 weeks and is scanned several times a year to monitor the cancer.

Does this mean the cancer is gone? Maybe. Maybe not. But April’s lives her life and loves each day as it is a gift. She will never be in remission, as stage 4 cancer patients are not…but no evidence of cancer is the best news any cancer patient ever wants to hear.

Please continue to keep April and her family in your prayers that she continues on this amazing path.

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