Update from April on appointment

Hello Everyone. I am not sure how to say this and it has been an extremely long day. We have been up since 4:30 but I have to say the peace of God has surrounded us all day long.
I am sorry t hat it is so late but we did not get our final news until after 5:30 in Boston and had to drive back home and then Chris and I needed some time to process this all and then go to our parents’ homes and share it with them, for we could not share this over the phone . I humbly ask for your prayers for them as this is really hard for them to handle right now.
The news is that I have stage 4 metastasis breast cancer, grade 3. This means that it has spread from the breast to the lymph nodes, to the blood and is in my liver. We do not know if it is in my bones or brain yet. They were going to schedule a double mastectomy but then when we found out more they could not do this. The cancer that I have is not “curable ” but is is treatable for a while. But I declare in the name of Jesus a miracle and I am begging all of you to fall to the feet of Jesus and pray for one with us. I know that my God is the Great Healer, and I know He can heal me. When He does, I will give all of the glory to Him. I trust in Him; that will not waiver. I know He is my light and my salvation. I just pray and ask that you please pray that His will is our will right now and that I be delivered from this terrible disease.
They do have treatment options, and I will be starting chemotherapy once a week from now on until Jesus either heals me here completely or takes me home to heal me. The doctors were excellent and I trust them; they did say that it is terminal cancer but I said that I have a great God. They said I could have anywhere from 2 to 4 years if the chemo works for me; I say I have what Jesus has already declared and will show to us.
I want to thank everyone for their prayers from the bottom of our hearts, God has been with us all day long from one doctor to the n ext. We had many extra appointments today that were not even scheduled, and God got us into them all. He opened lots of doors and even allowed Chris and I to share some humor.
I was comforted and calm throughout the scans, the MRI, the biopsy for a new site, the oncologist and the surgeon appointments.
I have 4 appointments on Monday, and then a liver biopsy, some genetic tests, and then my chemo port. I will be doing chemo once a week, so i will need some pretty wigs and earrings for a while!! (:
I ask that everyone reading this does not share it with our girls; we have not even considered how to talk to them yet about all of this.
I am humbled to ask for more prayers, as we need them. But GOD IS GOOD and Jesus is walking with us through this. Thank you all for your love,and I am sorry to have to share such heavy news this way but we did not know how else to spread this and ask for prayer. So thank you. love and God bless, April and Chris