Help Needed: Backup Babysitters For April

Hi Everyone-
I wanted to see if anyone in the nearby area (near Voluntown, CT) is interested in being a substitute/emergency backup babysitter for April’s 3 girls.
She has steady childcare coverage for Tues-Fridays mornings & afternoons/evenings, but we are looking to create a substitute/backup list for days when a babysitter is out sick. With her chemo, she’ll have to be very cautious not to be around those with illnesses & infections.
If you are interested in being a backup sitter please email me to let me know your information and I’ll add you to the list I’m compiling.
Thank you all SO much for supporting my sister & her family during this time! Your prayers & support are truly carrying her through this.
Thank you & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Lisa (: