Happy new year

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone! The last two weeks have been good, praise God! My treatments are going well; Chris is able to come with me during them so we are blessed to have some nice quality time together that we never get anymore! and my mom even came today with us to see what it is like and ease her mind a bit. I think it helped! The people there are wonderful; so kind and caring and great at what they do.
Everyone has been asking so I will share with you that my side effects have not been bad at all, praise God! It is certainly no day at the spa but they truly are okay!! I have some bad mouth sores from the chemo, and exhaustion, some nasty rash and some sickness, but I am able to get up with my girls and Chris each day and take care of them! This is amazing to me and I am so glad to be able to keep our life as “normal” as we can each day. One day at a time,and Jesus is carrying me right through this storm. I told one of my friends when I stop and think abo ut what is really going on I start to lose it, but when I keep my eyes focused on Him -like when Peter did in the boat during the storm and walked on water -I walk. But when Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the storm raging around him he got scared and then started to sink. But then Jesus reached out and saved him. The same thing happens to me; when I stay focused on Him I am walking on water through this storm. And when I stop I sink; but even then He reaches out and carries me.
I can’t tell you how grateful Chris and I are for all of the help we have been receiving each day; we could not fight this battle alone but God said we do not have too and He is providing us with the people and the means to do it. We have gotten so much help; from laundry help, (which is Huge-my girls make such big messes on their clothes each day I wonder why I even bother putting clean clothes on them each morning!) to the house cleaning,- we joke saying our house hasn’t been this clean since before kids!- , to the delicious meals, healthy snacks, great books as resources to read and use, help with the kids,free chiropractic care and energy medicine treatments; gas and grocery cards, and donations it is truly amazing! We are utterly and completed humbled and grateful and pray one day we will be able to pass all this on to others during their times of need.
Above all though, we are most grateful to our loving and all powerful God, and for all of the prayers so many of you are desperately praying for me. It is no exaggeration that we do need a miracle to beat this but I am so filled with hope that Jesus will grant that for us. He came to grant us life, that we may have it abundantly. And not just to have it here in this world but to have it in heaven after when it is our time. So please claim that with me; allow Jesus to give you and me life, accept Him as your Lord and Savior here and you will not only have life here with Him but also in heaven. For that is why He humbled himself and come to earth so many Christmas’ ago, to be born to save us from our sins-just as we are, and to give us life by dying on the cross for us. But I am also claiming that life and healing for me here in this world that He gave us. I am claiming that by His stripes (from the cross ) I am already healed and He is doing that for me. We have a loving God, a healing God, a Strong Tower, a refuge in our time of need. This is my time, and I am running to Him with open arms and want all of you to join me; “How great is our God, sing with me how great is our God and all will see how great, how great is our God! Name above all names, worthy of all praise, how great , how great is our God!”
Thank you for loving us; me, Chris, and our three beautiful girls. Thank you for listening to the prompting in your hearts and writing the notes and the cards and the messages and saying the prayers. You have no idea how much it is carrying us. May God bless you all abundantly i n 2014 and may it be a year of miraculous healing for us! Love April (: