Thank you for visiting

To everyone that has visited this site over the past few days–welcome and thank you for visiting.

April’s battle has inspired many since her diagnosis in November 2013, and so many people have reached out to April and Chris and want to help. This is why I created –a place where the many ways to help are all simple to find and in one place, as well as updates from April as I get them (often on Tuesdays after chemo).

“TEAM APRIL” pink silicone bracelets are available for anyone that wants to support April’s fight. Please email Beth Robert-Small at if you would like one. And on June 20, 2014, Chris and I will be participating in the Relay for Life in Westerly RI in honor of April’s battle. Please consider joining our team, April’s Angels, or purchasing an “I wear pink for April” tee shirt in the near future as a donation to our team.

April is loved by so many people. Please continue to visit this site to learn of the various fundraisers and events going on for her.

Thank you for supporting this family. We will never be able to repay the amazing generosity shown  during this difficult time ,but please know that very single one of you is making a difference in April’s fight. Please keep praying for her!

Beth Robert-Small
(April’s sister in law, Chris’s sister)