Just an update (:

Thank you to everyone for all of your constant love and prayers; they have been truly carrying us! I have felt really good these past 2 times after chemo treatments; no major side effects praise God! I am getting more and more tired, though, so I do ask for prayer for this please. Ask God to give me His strength so I can continue to take care of my 3 little, beautiful but very high-energy girls! I know that He will carry me and has been when I am feeling just so exhausted.

The girls are doing well; I don’t think they are phased too much by all of this quite yet which is great; however yesterday Savannah Grace, (now 3) says to me” mommy, do you have to go to the doctor’s today?” and i said “no baby, why? ” and she said “oh, so you are going to stay home with us ALL day?! ” and I replied “yes!” and she ran and hugged my leg! So i guess they do notice a change in their routine but I pray that me being gone more now is worth it to have a healthier mom who is here longer in t heir future. And Chris is so loving and understanding, but I know it is harder on him too, now, trying to make up for what I am not able to keep up with now AND just do his normal things keeping up our home and working so hard for us each day. So please keep him in your prayers as well, but don’t tell him I said that! (:

6. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.” This is how we have tried to live before and certainly how we need to live now. I say this verse quite often throughout my days, especially when I do not understand why some things are happening, and it always brings me peace and reassurance. If you would like one of these bracelets let me know and I will try and leave some at some central places I will be or some of my family will be. Thank you Beth  for doing this for us!

Our town has just told us of a fundraiser they are doing for us; how humbled and touched we were! A chicken BBQ at the Voluntown Firehouse for take-out on Feb. 15th. So if you are in or around town and want some delicious chicken, please stop by! We are so grateful that they are doing this for us, and cannot thank everyone enough for all of the love and hard work that goes into one of these events. We just love our town!
Chris’ work has also been wonderful for allowing him to be with me as much as he can for my chemo treatments and when I have been sick after, so we are truly grateful for that as well. It is amazing how greatly cancer impacts one family’s life so much; but I know it is still more amazing how greatly God cares and comforts us as well.

Thank you all for your love and prayers, and please keep on praying! We are claiming our miracle in Jesus’ name! God bless and love, April, Chris, and Girls