Beauty Within (From April)

Thank you all once again for the constant love, prayers, cards, notes and encouragement. The last few weeks have been relatively “uneventful” in the cancer world, which is a good thing, praise God. My counts have all been good and stable, which means I can continue to receive my weekly chemotherapy treatments without any interruption. So thank you for the prayers because I know it is only through the love and grace of God that this is. Usually when you are on chemotherapy I am told that you are much more susceptible to colds and infections, and with my 3 little germ carriers and them being sick it has been a small miracle that I really have not been! So praise God! I am exhausted and run down, and have had some little colds but who of us with 3 little ones is not, right?!

I have my first set of scans and testing on March 11th, so please keep me in prayer especially on this day if you can. It is a very long day followed by my regular chemotherapy treatment so it w ill be a bit draining, but God is good and I know that He will continue to fill me. It is funny how He is working on me even with the physical things that I struggle with (like many of us young girls and women do), as some of the side effects of this breast cancer regimen are hair loss,(fun fun!) weight gain, (aagh!!), sores and rashes. All things on the physical appearance that myself and others can see;perhaps God is trying to tell me that the outside appearance is not what is important,but rather of course the inside. How humbling to realize this and also to remind myself to teach my three beautiful little girls about the true meaning of beauty. Now of course we all know this but to stare it in the face each day and still say ” I am beautifully and wonderfully made” is a challenge but a need by all of us.

My side effects have still been minimal, praise God but it is still exhausting. I am reminded of the verse in Isaiah, that reads “They that wait upon the Lord shall re new their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles,they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.”(40:31) This gives me strength and encouragement, and helps me to keep going.We are trying to stay as ‘normal” as possible and this helps too, for the girls and for Chris and I. We could not do this without all of you, our family and friends that are giving up so much of themselves in time and love to help us, so thank you truly from  the bottom of our hearts.May God bless all of you.
Oh, and if you could please keep a new friend of mine, Brandi, whom I have met at my weekly treatments, in prayer. She is married with 2 little children and is struggling also with the same diagnosis as myself. Our God is a God of many miracles, and she too knows this, so if you can please pray for her as well. Love you all! April (: