Liver radiation (from April)

Hello Everyone! Thank you all so much for your continued love, prayers, support and help for us. We cannot tell you how much it has all meant to us and how we are truly grateful from the bottom of our hearts. God is so good, He has provided all that we need during this trying time, especially giving us all of you to help us along. We could not do it alone, but I know that we don’t have too.

Chris and I met with a specialist yesterday and because of last week’s amazing results they are going to do this special radiation procedure on my liver. Since all of the lumps and cancer are gone from my breast and lymph, and also so much from my liver (there are only 2 tiny spots left and this could even be leftover dead cells that have just not been rid from my body yet, they said! ) they want to treat me with this special radiation to make sure that if there are still cancer cells there they zap them completely. So we will be going for 5 treatments of this radiation, I forget the name of it but they usually do it all in one blast but since the liver is near the heart and other organs they have to break it up and do it in 5 separate treatments to reduce the risk of damage to my other organs. So this is a good thing that they are being so cautious, and I am just thankful that I am eligible to have it done. So please keep us in prayer over the next couple of weeks for that. I will be off of chemo while they are doing this but it will involve lots of driving back and forth to Yale and being away from my girls more. I know that they will be fine but it is still hard to leave them all of these times, too!

Once that procedure is through I will go back on the chemo for 3 more months and re-scan after all of this. Then, if all is well and we are claiming that it will be I will be scheduled for my full masectomy surgery. So we have a very long road ahead of us, and I am humbly asking everyone to keep praying. I am not afraid, for I know that God is with me, “I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind, the God of angel armies, is always by my side.” But I still covet your prayers and love for us during this time. For we all know how amazing the power of prayer is!! Just so incredible! How great is our God?!!

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and may God bless all of us. Love, April and Family (: