April fundraisers for April!

Well it was a busy weekend to say the least! On Saturday, April 12th, April’s classmates from Assumption College class of ’99 put together a beautiful fundraiser in her honor. Approximately 70 people attended and after a beautiful mass, they all danced, ate, and celebrated April’s successes and prayed for her complete recovery. The energy in the room was amazing and April didn’t disappoint. In spite of everything, she was her bouncy, amazing, upbeat self–kicking her shoes off early in the night and even dancing to New Kids on the Block!

The following day (as exhausted as she was!), April and her family attended “April’s Hope”, a figure skating benefit put on by her friends of 20+ years Carrie and Caryn. It was a beautiful, inspiring show and Faith and Savannah Grace were mesmerized by the skaters!

Thank you to everyone that not only put together such fantastic events, but that gave April a night and day that she will never forget!

~Beth Robert-Small

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