Update and thanks!

Hello everyone! Thank you all once again for the continuous love, prayers, help with meals, babysitting, driving back and forth, laundry, and everything else our family and friends have been helping us with! We could not endure this journey without all of you! We are forever grateful.
I have just finished my 5th and final radiation treatment to my liver, praise God! I will not be scanned until June so please pray that God is continuing to heal by His mercy and love.
I am exhausted and feeling yucky but praise God I made it through that long week! I have chemo again every week beginning tomorrow so please continue to keep us in your prayers for that as well if you could. It never ceases to amaze me how great God is. Through all of this when I cannot even plan for the next hour God already has my days planned out and the help that we need lined up for me. It is a true lesson in humility to realize that you constantly need help but then again God tells us we cannot do this alone; in fact if we try and do it in our own strength we will fail. However, when we do it in His strength we will be okay: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” (Phillipeans 4:13) So this is also a lesson not only in relying on Him but on His word where He promises to give us all that we need to take care of us. I am learning how to graciously receive His blessings and yet we still cannot wait to give back to others once again soon for all we have been given by Him and others!
The girls are doing well; they are adjusting to our new life so well and are very forgiving of me when I do not have as much energy to play or cannot go out because I don’t feel well. They did ask me if my hair will grow back once Jesus heals me and I laughed and replied “yes!” I guess they like me a bit better with hair than without it!
And Chris is doing well too, my husband and best friend. He has been so supportive on this journey with me. Lord knows his life has been t hrown upside too by all of this and he has not once complained. (I am truly blessed to have you, babe!)
I hope that life is treating everyone well and am so happy to see some signs of spring arriving here! Praise God! Love and God bless, April (: