Need prayers

Hi Everyone! I am just writing asking for prayer for tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 25th and then for Tuesday, December 2. I have my tests and a PET scan tomorrow and this is a big one for us. I had a pet scan a few months ago, the first one I have had so far (normally they do not do pet scans for what I have due to the high cost and insurance) but they decided to do one and our insurance does cover it, praise God. So the last scan came out really good but my doctors did not want to get too excited as they need to compare apples to apples, so tomorrow is my second one, the comparison scan. If it comes out as good or better than the last one then it will be a new plan for us! And as my doctors said the last time, they could not really explain it but said “praise God!”
You know that we believe I have been healed and it is just in God’s time when it will be revealed and He will be glorified! But we are praying it is soon, as we are just all really tired. It has been a year now of all of this, and we would love to move on to a new chapter spreading the word of God’s goodness and healing to all who will listen!!
My day starts at 6:30am so it will be a long day for myself followed by my long chemo treatments and it will be long for the girls also so please pray for them too. Chris will come with me on December 2nd when we meet with my doctors and hopefully come up with a new plan! That too, will be a 6:30 day full of meetings and tests, including the genetic testing for all of this for my sisters’ sakes and our 3 beautiful little girls. So we would love the extra prayers for this next week as I know I will be more exhausted and there is a lot going on, physically and emotionally. But God is the God of all of this and I know He has us, so thank you for praying with us.
Thank you also for the continued love, prayers, meals, babysitting help, laundry help, rides and everything else people have been doing for us. We could not do this without all of you and appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you thank you! I look forward to sharing some amazing news next Tuesday with all of you!
Love and God bless, April