1/19 update (from April)

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! I am asking for prayer as I am still here and cannot be released again today. I have developed an infection in one breast and they have not been able to get it under control yet. They just started a new antibiotic this morning; this is the third one so I am asking for prayer that this one does the trick and then I can be on my way home soon! I was supposed to be in until Saturday but now it is at least until tomorrow (Tuesday ) afternoon so this is so long for all of us. It is hard with such little ones who just want their normal routine and with a mama who just wants to be a mama again! And for Chris too, So please keep us in prayer, I know how good God is and how He has got this but the extra prayer is so needed and so appreciated. And thank you to all of our family who have been taking over with the children this past week- that alone is no small feat! I thank you and love you all! Love and God bless, April (;