He lives!

Today on this most holiest of days we remember how Jesus paid the ultimate price for us on the cross. He WILLINGLY went to the cross to suffer and die for us us so that we may have everlasting life with Him. I cannot comprehend this act of love but am so humbled and overwhelmed by it, and so completely thankful. Because of Him, we can have life. Because of Him, we have hope, even in the midst of pain and turmoil. I have always clung to the verse “By His stripes I am healed” and even when I had cancer tumors throughout me I believed that I was healed, because His word told me that He already paid the price for me by dying on the cross for me. So once more I cling to this again, and I am humbly asking for all of you to pray for me as I go for my pet scan again on Tuesday, March 29th. Thank you for your love and prayers and concern for us. I claim victory over disease through Christ! May you all have a beautiful Easter weekend! HE LIVES!!