Prayers please (:

June 9, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all happy and well! We have had a beautiful spring and are hoping for another a terrific summer! The kids are out of school next week and they are both happy and sad, because they absolutely all loved their teachers and classmates once again! I am happy and sad too, as they are growing and getting so big so quickly. I just want to make time stand still for some moments. Then, there are other moments like when they are bickering and fighting non-stop and I want time to just fly! (:
I am once again humbly asking for your prayers. I have a surgery scheduled for Wednesday, June 15th. My doctor has to go in again and fix things internally and some of it is quite painful. I can see why some women opt not to do re-construction, but it was important to me so we did. But this will be my 5th surgery and there is a bit of re-cooperation since he is working on both sides so I am just asking for prayer that the surgery goes smoothly, with no infections or complications. I have needed blood transfusions in the past so please pray that none of that happens and that the doctors are guided by Jesus’ hand so that all will be complete and well. My girls know I am going and are a bit concerned, asking me lots of questions but I think they will be okay. They will be happy when they can hug me again without me wincing in pain like I have been for a while now. It is not the doctor’s fault-I have a terrific surgeon but you do not know how your body is going to adjust or how scar tissue will settle until after some time, and so now he is trying to fix all that is not quite right. I will update afterwards and want to thank you in advance for all of the prayers, our God is a mighty God who deserves to be praised always! Thank you for your love and for taking the time to remember us in your busy lives, we are truly humbled and grateful and forever will be. Love and blessings, April