Choose Joy

So the girls were beyond excited when they found out where we were going “for vacation ” as they say for 2 days!! Their smiles are worth a million!! But the greatest part for Chris and I was to see once again God and His great love for us in action! When we checked in they asked us if we have ever been here (no) and then asked if we were celebrating anything? We said yes, life , because mommy had clean scans again praise God! The woman came right back with paws passes for the girls, giving them access to all the parks, games, souvenirs, etc. and dinner for all of us. I stood there crying and the girls shrieking for they were in awe and we had to pause to thank Jesus for His undeserved mercy and blessings on us. We are so humbled and grateful for all He has done for us these past 3 1/2 years, and to see His love through others is simply beautiful. There is good out there amongst the bad, people are kind and caring, and we can choose to focus on the joys or the heartaches. Let’s choose joy!!