Texas, here we come!

look-out-texas-here-we-comeSo we have some pretty exciting news to share with our family and friends and also humbly ask for prayer on this new chapter in our lives. I have wanted to move South for many years now, have had a longing in my heart which I believe is from God and have always hoped it would be to the Carolina’s. We have tried many times to go and each time major things have happened to stop us. We would not make a move without praying about it for a long time as we always want to do God’s will in our lives, even if it is not necessarily our will. An opportunity came up last year which we pushed aside because it was not our will, and just hoped we could ignore it and keep praying for our own will to be answered, selfishly not necessarily His will. This past year many signs have pointed us back in this direction which came up last year with Chris’ job and we can no longer deny that it is definitely from Him. He has given us so many signs and a peace on our hearts that cannot be explained except through Him. He has even placed a joy in our hearts about going somewhere that we never dreamed or hoped to go! So with this faith and hope in Him we have decided to step out in faith and follow His leading in our lives and we will be moving to Texas with Chris’ job! Having grown up in Rhode island and living in Connecticut these past 13 years this is a huge transition for us! We are moving away from our families who we love so much and our church family and school and friends who have loved, taken care of us, and prayed for us during the hardest times of our lives. For this we are forever grateful. But we have always placed Him first and try to live on His word and will for us, so even though this change comes with sadness and hurt at leaving,our hearts are so full of hope for the joy that He has set before us and for what He has in store for us.
So we thank you for your continued love and prayers, as I will be continuing my every 3 week cancer treatments there but trust that God will continue to hold us. Please pray for a smooth transition for our girls and for our family that we are leaving behind, and that we continue to hear God’s will for all parts of our lives.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, love and blessings to all of you! (: