Closer to Free in a week!

ONE WEEK from today Chris and I will be bike riding to raise money for my cancer hospital, Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven. This hospital is amazing and the doctors and nurses truly do all they can for their patients. Please join us in raising money for them-100% of the proceeds go directly to Smilow for patient care, research, and treatment. Many of us here in Voluntown have directly benefited from their amazing care. Please help us to help others and also to spread the good news of God’s hope and healing powers with others! Chris and I both need more support to reach our goal, please consider joining us at :

Thank you for your love and support of us and this great cause!!

Hello and update (from April)

Hello everyone! I hope that this finds you happy and well! We are doing so great here, praise God! As I am writing this I am at my treatment, and I am so thankful that I only have to come every three weeks now. They say I will need to do this forever but I do not believe that so if you could please pray with me that God allows them to see that in His time I really am healed and can stop this other medicine in the next few years that would be wonderful too! But it is so much better than weekly chemo, so for now I will take it! I do still need rides for my tri-weekly treatments so if you are able to sign up for driving me on a Tuesday I would greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. The website is still here: and you can add your name in to drive under that section or you can simply facebook message me and I will put your name down for the date you are able too. The dates from now through December are listed there.

We have been having such a beautiful summer; playing, swimming, spending time with family and friends, going away to different places and vacationing together. God has blessed us so abundantly it is incredible! My youngest two girls have never been on vacation and then this year we have been on three with another one in the fall! Amazing, just incredible how He lavishes His love upon us. We are so humbled and grateful. We have to keep reminding them though that this is not real life! They think we can just “go on vacation” every other week now!! I have about 10 million pictures I need to somehow look through and scrapbook now so that is my biggest challenge, but I will take it!

Thank you for the continued love, prayers and concern for us. Our fight is ongoing in the medical world, but I truly believe that through Jesus I am healed, so thank you for your prayers and belief with us on that. Many of you have contacted me asking if you can share my story or testimony that is online; please do not feel you have to ask me. If any of it can be used to help others or give hope or share the love and healing power of Jesus then just share it and pass it on. I believe that God uses “all things for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28) So please share it and help others.
I have decided to join Chris, Steve, and my brother-in-law Dave in their now annual Smilow Cancer Center bike ride this year! Their team name is Team Hope, and I am happy to say that while one doctor diagnosed me almost 2 years ago now as having 6 months to 2 years to live, I will be riding 25 miles on September 12 to raise money for our hospital where 100% of the proceeds go right to Smilow for patient care, treatment, research, trials, etc. For my physician is the Great Healer, and He is showing us what He can do and has done. So I will be healthy and bike riding with them when some said I would not be here, but God had different plans, and we chose to believe His plans. So if you would like to support this amazing cause and sponsor any of us that would be wonderful. It is an amazing hospital-, the love, the care and concern of the nurses, the excellent doctors, all of it. It truly is a wonderful place to be while you are battling something like this and I am so grateful that I can be treated here. So this is just a small way that we can give back and keep supporting all that they do in helping those like myself and others. The website where you can make donations is:

Thank you all again for your love, care, support and prayers for us. I pray that God is blessing you and allowing you to shine bright and be a light to others. This world is filled with a lot of darkness, but we can shine for Him and reflect His love, so keep on shining!

Love and blessings, April and Family (:

Hear My Story

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all happy and well! Thank you for all of your love, prayers, and support for this past surgery once again. I am healing really well, praise God. This was by far the easiest of the past 4 surgeries so thank you again for your prayers. I am still going for treatments every 3 weeks for my infusion medicine but this is nothing compared to what it had been! Thank you Lord!
I wanted to let everyone know that if you are near us on this Sunday, June 28th in the Voluntown area I will be sharing my story of faith, hope and healing at our church, Voluntown Baptist Church. I invite you to come and listen and praise our Great God while I speak about “praising Him in the storms” and Him carrying us right through them. Our service is at 9:00am and my beautiful friend Dana will also be singing two songs to go along with my testimony.
Thank you for loving us, and may it all be used for His glory. Love and blessings, April and Family

Praise and updates

Hello! I hope this finds you all happy and well! Thank you thank you for the love and prayers, surgery went great! It was only 5 hours this time and no complications that we know of so far, praise God! I am home now and will be resting for the next couple of days but all is good! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all of the love and prayers. Love and God bless, April (:

Prayers for Thursday

Hi Everyone-
I wanted to reach out to ask you to pray for April as she has her next surgery on Thursday at 7am at Yale. Praying it’s her final one & she has swift healing!
We have just one final request for drivers for her ongoing, once every three week treatments at Yale. If you can sign up, please use our calendar on this site, or call/email April/Lisa to add you.
A huge thank you to all of the amazing family, friends & volunteers who’ve donated their time, monetary contributions, meals, babysitting & assistance for April & Chris & the girls the last year and a half–and of course for the healing prayers!
A miraculous recovery for a miraculous sister, wife & mommy. Lets keep the healing prayers coming!
Much thanks, love and blessings, (:
Lisa Gentes-Hunt


Hi Everyone! We hope this finds you happy and well! We are still bathing in our beautiful news received last week, and thank you for all your kind words, notes, and love. Praise God!!
My next surgery for more re-construction is scheduled for Thursday, June 11th at 7am. We are asking for prayers please that God guides the surgeons hands and allows all to be well. I tend to have some issues with surgery due to my past blood clots and infections, so please just pray that Jesus carries us smoothly through, and for peace for us as well.
I cannot tell you how much it means to us to be lifted in prayer by so many faithful believers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love and God bless, April, Chris, and Girls
“Do not worry about anything. but pray about everything.” (Philippians 4:6)

“That’s what faith can do.” (from April)

“I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains, faith that doesn’t ever end, even when the sky is falling.
I’ve seen miracles just happen, silent prayers get answered, broken hearts become brand new.
That’s what faith can do. That’s what faith can do. ” -Kutless

“How great is our God? Sing with me how great is our God and all will see, how great, how great, is our God?”

Thank you all for your love and prayers. From this early afternoon; “No evidence of metastatic disease. All clear.”

AMEN AMEN! I believed it in my heart but it is still so amazing to hear the doctors say it too. Let’s just rewind a moment to 18 months ago from Mass General (to sum it up)

  • “You have metastatic breast cancer,stage 4 (terminal), the fastest growing and most aggressive type. We will try chemos until they do not work anymore and you have about 2 years to live.” or
  • “We do not do mastectomies on metastatic patients.” or
  • “You will have to be on hormone therapy for the next 10 years.”

Now-18 months later and different doctors but the ONE true doctor: ALL CLEAR- NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!! Amen amen!

I am so humbled and grateful to our loving and merciful God, and to all you who have helped, loved, prayed and believed with us. I will never be told that I am in “remission” like a normal cancer patient because of my particular diagnosis, but I do not go by their reports anyway. Call it what you want, but for us it is simply our amazing miracle. There is so other explanation and we need no other one-we knew from the beginning who we were believing and calling upon when the doctors and world say it is not possible. With God all things are possible.

We do not always know why we go through things or even understand it, but we do not have too. From one of my favorite verses which is on my bracelet; Proverbs 3;5-6″Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.” I do not understand always, but I do trust Him always. In our suffering we are often taught things we could not otherwise learn, and this is not a journey I certainly would have chosen. However, would I do it again to give Him all the praise and glory and draw others perhaps closer to Him? Absolutely. I am just so thankful that it is His will for me to be healed here and now, in this world we live in. We will all be healed one beautiful day in heaven if we believe in Him and call on Him, but I am so thankful that He has chosen to heal me here as well. Please do not stop praying, as I know this has made all the difference. We will forever be grateful to all of you for that. Our girls do not know the magnitude of the miracle that we have been granted, but one day they will. They will find out just what faith can do.

Love and God bless, April

prayers and praise (May 12 update from April)

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all happy and well!

I am writing to ask for prayers for my upcoming scan; it is my first one in 6 months, this is the longest I have ever gone since I have been diagnosed. My scan is on next Tuesday, May 19th at 9 in the morning. I just ask for God’s amazing power to continue to be revealed that there are no tumors or cells of any type that indicate cancer. I am also asking for prayers for peace, as scan time is always a bit of a more anxious time. I am not sure when I will get the results but as soon as I do I will post and let you all know. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.

And I would just like to share another praise of God’s goodness and love! Last week out of the blue my doctor called on a Friday night and wanted to share some good news with me; she knew I was resistant to start all of the hormone therapies and shots I am scheduled to start at the end of May but also knew that I was going to hesitantly oblige. Well she called to apologize and explain that as she was double and triple checking my records that were originally sent over from Mass General back in 2013 that there had been a mistake on her part; my tumors were less than 1% positive for hormones. They only do this therapy if your tumors are more than 1% positive, which most women are. I, however, fall into that tiny category that are not so the medicine would not benefit me at all. It would give me all of the negative side effects but have no benefit for what I have, and I would have been on it for 10 years. Therefore, now, I do not have to take it!! I have felt a hesitation to start this all along but did not say no completely, as I will do whatever I can to keep fighting and go on. However, God knew my heart, as He knows all of ours, and He took that difficult decision right out of my hands. On a random Friday night out of the blue He granted news to my ears that just elated me! I was happy and dancing like a young girl who had won homecoming queen all over again! Isn’t God incredible?! I looked up and said “now you’re just showing off!” and smiled and smiled! And then I thanked Him and praised Him for His undeserved blessings upon us.
So we are rejoicing and thanking Him, and in awe of His goodness and love for us. Thank you for continuing to believe in this amazing miracle with us and please keep praying.

Love and God bless, April (:

The end of radiation! (from April)

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all happy and well! It has been 6 weeks and my radiation is now over! Praise God! I am very tired and my skin is burned but we have made it! And it is spring here in New England which is a beautiful thing, a small subtle reminder of God’s love and faithfulness. Even on those long, dreary winter days when you think God may have forgotten about us we can be assured with the buds blooming and birds chirping that He indeed has not, spring has come! And His faithfulness is constant, even when we do not see it, like on those cold winter days. Yet He is there, He is always there and His love never fails. Amen for that!

Thank you thank you for all of the love and prayers, and for all of the help with rides each day, cleaning, meals, laundry help and babysitting. We could not have done this alone! It was such a blessing to be able to leave my girls each day and know that they are in such loving, caring hands. That has made my journey so much easier and for this I am so grateful. So thank you Maryanne, Gwen, Pat, Maureen, Lauren, Beth, Bonnie and Peggy for taking such wonderful care of our girls. You truly are blessings from God for myself, Chris and the girls, and we all love you!

My next surgery is scheduled for the end of May, and this is just a minor one for some re-construction. The bigger one will be scheduled for the fall for the rest of the re-construction but my doctor thinks it is best to take a break and let my body rest and heal and then complete it later. We are thrilled with that; that means another summer home with the girls! God’s timing is always perfect and Lord knows I need a rest. And I get to spend my favorite season home with my girls and only need to go for my infusion treatments once every 3 weeks; I can handle that!

We have recently found out that we were chosen for not one but 2 special trips; one for parents with late-stage cancer for a weekend get-away and the other for breast cancer patients for a week-long beach retreat with other breast cancer patients! Both are intended to give families a break from cancer and just some plain old fun together. Well, we are certainly ready for that! The first one is a weekend get-away to Hilton Head Island where they give you a beautiful room on the beach and fun treats, like fancy meals, a dolphin excursion and spa treatments! The girls are going to lose their minds, not to mention this will be their first time on a plane! We just told them and they are super excited, but the thing they are most excited about is being able to “chew gum on the plane!” (I do not let them have gum!) Oh, the excitement of children!! We are going to use this as a celebration for finishing my radiation. We did not pick the time but God did, and it couldn’t be better. I should not be surprised by this as His timing is always perfect, and yet He still amazes me always. We are so humbled and grateful to have been chosen for these things and are just in awe of His blessings for us.

The next one is a full week-long beach vacation on Cape Hattaras (Outer Banks) in North Carolina! This is through an organization entitled “Little Pink Houses of Hope.” We have never been to this part of North Carolina before but hear it is beautiful, and we do so love the Carolina’s. They place 10 families together for the week a few times a year in different states to participate in activities for the kids, talks for the moms, time for the dads to talk and vent, and even a date-night for just the couples! They have thousands of applicants each year for 100 spots, and our family was chosen 4th we were told, so we are just incredibly humbled and amazed! We are super super excited and if we make the drive down there (about 13 hours!) we will be good!

Both of these events are scheduled in May, and both before my next surgery, so that is great as well. I am scheduled to start my hormone therapy at the end of May also. I am still not super excited about this and just ask for God’s peace through this and that I can handle it all okay. I cannot tell you what a difference all of the prayers, love and support have made. I would not be here today had it not been for all of it and so for this I am forever grateful. Please don’t stop as I do go for scans at the end of May also, and this will be my first one in 6 months. This is the longest I have ever gone in this cancer journey without a scan, but I am just trusting and believing that God has healed and will continue to do so for me. But the constant prayers are always so appreciated.

Thank you also to you Chris for supporting me through all of this. It has not been easy, and at some times just plain hard and exhausting, and your love never waivers. You are a true example of Christ’s unconditional love for us, and I am so grateful and honored to be your wife. I know God has great things planned for us together in the years ahead!

Thank you all for being on this journey with us. May you be filled with His love and peace as the beautiful glories of spring surround us, and may you feel His true love for you in the sunsets and the birds chirping and all the miraculous things He has given for us to freely have and enjoy because of His great love for us.

Love and blessings, April (:

3/27 update from April

Hello everyone! I hope this all finds you happy and well! We are doing well over here, tired but well praise God! It has been 3 weeks of radiation so far, so that means that I am officially half way through!! I am feeling okay, very tired and a bit nauseous but that is okay. The kids are all re-cooperating from those terrible colds that have been going around so radiation or not Chris and I would be exhausted! The kids have been up a lot at night with not feeling well with the terrible coughs at nighttime so when I fall asleep on the radiation table they just laugh at me, and say only a mother with young children is one who falls asleep on that table with all the noise and beeping! I laugh and tell them I could sleep on a rock at this point!

I hate to countdown, as with counting down days are going by and time is going by; time where our girls are growing and changing so much each day, and yet I am counting down to when this radiation time is through. I want to hold on to all of the precious times and fast-forward through all of the hard, tired, yucky-feeling times, and yet I know we cannot. I know it is all part of His plan. God tells us in His word that “In this world you will have trouble, but fear not, for I have overcome the world.” (Johh 16;33 ) On the days when I get frustrated and impatient; on the days where my kids are whiny and sick and more clingy than I can handle; on the days where Chris and I don’t even have a second to look at each other before we collapse at night- I have to remind myself that I should not be surprised by these hard times but expect them, and then I can feel assured. I can remember that this too, is all part of God’s plan and that He hears my every prayer, my every cry out to Him for help, my every heavy sigh, and I know that He is with me. He has never left me, and He will not.

So I am counting down right now, and have looked back recently at what these past 17 months have brought us. My girls have grown and changed so much it is unreal! Time does that when they are so little and learning and changing so much! They are amazing and exhausting all in the same breath! And yet I am so blessed to have been able to stay home and raise them these past 7 years. I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby and had an emergency appendectomy when I was 7 months pregnant. We did not know if we were having a boy or a girl and the surgeon who performed my surgery said it was a miracle that I made it as well as our baby. I remember feeling so blessed and relieved, and again after having a pulmonary embolism a few days after my surgery we felt another wave of God’s pure love and mercy upon us. We chose then to name our baby Faith if it were a girl or Noah if it were a boy. Then two months later when our little Faith was born we rejoiced and I could not handle the thought of leaving this little blessing and going back to work! We had saved enough to stay home for what we thought would be one year, and yet here we are 7 years later only by God’s grace and I am still home! So I know I am blessed to be able to have this opportunity to be with them and raise them and see them each day as they grow. And I hate to count down for things because it means that this precious time we are granted is just going and going, and our girls are getting bigger and bigger and with that more independent. So on those nights where they just want us to cuddle with them until they fall asleep, or sing them just one more sing, or hold them a little longer, I try and remember that the days are going by and it will not always be like this. They will not always want mommy to hold them and cuddle them and be with them, so I am not counting down these days. These days I will play over and over in my mind, even though now I am exhausted and just want to rest my head on a pillow, I will try and remember that the days are long but the years are short, and God has blessed me with so much. But the radiation days I am counting down, and looking forward to some “normal” days ahead with Chris and my girls. I am rejoicing that by God’s grace I have made it through 15 months of chemotherapy, liver radiation, surgery and now 3 weeks of daily radiation, with only 3 more to go!

So thank you all for your love and prayers,and your care and concern. All of this help allowing us to get through this journey has made all of the difference. We could not be doing it without all of you and the laundry help, meals, babysitting help, rides and countless other ways so many are helping us. So thank you all, and I thank God that He has provided us the way to get though this. It is not easy, but again He did not promise us it would be. But it is possible with Him, and only with Him. May you feel His love and blessings as this Easter season is upon us. May you feel the hope and the joy that is ours because of the empty tomb, He is risen and we are rejoicing! And we are counting down the days to more beautiful days ahead.

Love and God bless, April, Chris, Faith, Savannah Grace, and Isabella Hope (:

3/6 Update from April

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all happy and well! We are officially snowed in here in New England, but praise God spring is coming!! I am doing well with recovery, so thank you all for your prayers. I have had to go back into surgery 2 more times since Jan 13th due to infection but that is something that happens and is a risk with any surgery I know. My doctors are really pleased with my prognosis and recovery so that is good. I still have 2 drains in from my last surgery and am scheduled to start radiation on Tuesday. Please pray that all goes well with that. I know there is a risk as the breast is so close to the heart but I also know that God has been in all of this and has that part too! I will be going Monday through Friday for 6 weeks, so please pray for my stamina. I know I will be very tired and not feel so great, so I am asking for prayer for my physical well-being but also emotionally as well. And for the girls and Chris too please. So much is affected in a home when a mother is out of commission for a while!! Chris’ work has been great but it is still difficult-he has an hour drive and is exhausted so it makes it a bit harder for him, he is carrying so much on his shoulders for us. 

We could not be doing any of this without the love, prayers, help and support from so many of you. Thank you for giving so selflessly and helping us so much. I know it has been a very long 15 months, not just for us but for all of those helping us as well. The babysitting, financial support, laundry, meals , rides, etc. can never be repaid but we are forever grateful for all of it and love you and appreciate all of it from the bottom of our hearts.

I will also be starting my hormone therapy in a few weeks for the long-term. The side effects of the one I will be on will be hard for me, as I have already experienced some of them from my chemo and it was difficult for me. So I am asking for prayers specifically for this please that God lessens this for me. I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me so I just ask for prayer each day that He gives me His strength because I cannot do it in my own strength. 

Thank you, thank you , thank you for all of your love and prayers for us. We are tired but strong in Him, and I know He will sustain us. “For those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.” (Isiah 40:31) 

May God renew us and fill us, may He bless each of us with His beautiful love and grace, and may we all be reflections of His love, in Jesus’ mighty name. Love, April and Chris, Faith, Savannah-Grace and Bella

Feb 25 Update from April–back at Yale!

Hi everyone! I am just asking for prayer as I have developed an infection since my last drain was pulled and am being admitted now to Smilow . I have to have surgery in the morning so we are asking for prayer that God has this all and is in all of this and also for our girls to handle this ok as they do not know since we just found out. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Help with rides

Hi Everyone-
Luckily, April will not need chemo in the coming months! She will be doing infusions at Yale & radiation treatments at Backus. Right now, I’ve added in her need for rides from the end of February through June for her infusion treatments. These require a pick-up in Voluntown and driving to Yale in New Haven. It’s about a 5 hour day.
If you can pitch in to take April to Yale on any of these days, please sign up on the calendar on this site.
Thanks so much for the healing prayers!! She is home recovering & doing well & gearing up for her next battles: surgery part 2 and radiation. Keep the prayers going!
Thank you!

Praise God! (from April)

Hello everyone! I wanted to give an update as we had my oncologist appointment today, my 3 week post-op appointment from my surgery, and my tri-weekly infusion treatment. I seem to be healing well, praise God! And Chris and I found out some more amazing news; my breast surgeon removed 11 lymph nodes which they suspected still had the cancer in them, as that is what is typical with the type of cancer I have. You usually have them removed with the mastectomy and then follow that with the chemo and radiation protocol which I was told about. Well when we met with all of our doctors they were so happy and shocked to report that NONE of the nodes had cancer in them any longer! They know they did at one point, as that is how my breast cancer spread from the breast to the lymph to the blood and to my liver. We knew the tumors on the breast and liver were gone, by the grace of God but they still had seen a “highlight” on my lymph nodes in my pet scan before the surgery so that was why they really wanted to remove them.
We also knew that there is no “cure” for the type of breast cancer that I have, that is why they give you about two years to live with this diagnosis; usually the medicines stop working after a few months and they move on to other medicines until they no longer work and it is usually within this time, as mine is again the most aggressive and fastest growing type. Well I have only ever had one type of treatment, and it has worked miraculously for me so they have never had to try a new chemo medicine. So the plan was after the surgery to do my 6 weeks of daily radiation and then two months of hard core AC chemotherapy, and then hopefully go from there. Well because they cannot detect or find any more active cancer at all my oncologist has said I do not need to do the final round of chemo! She said they have already gotten the best they could ask for; for no more cancer to be evident anywhere so they are choosing not to do the chemotherapy part and just keep my upcoming radiation as well as my tri-weekly infusion treatments for at least a year, along with the standard protocol for breast cancer, which is hormone therapy for 5 years. This has the bad side effects of placing my body into menopause but I was never on a “standard treatment” plan and today they started talking to me like I was! They said “five or ten years from now” where as before they never spoke of time or the future! It was so amazing to hear that from our doctors! We just kept saying “praise God! praise God!” There is no other way to explain any of this, it is only by the grace of God that any of this is happening. His healing power is so very real, and just so incredible. “I’ve seen miracles just happen, silent prayers get answered, broken hearts become brand new, that’s what faith can do. Overcome the odds “you don’t have a chance” , that’s what faith can do. I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains, hope that doesn’t ever end, even when the sky is falling. I’ve seen miracles just happen, silent prayers get answered, broken hearts become brand new, that’s what faith can do. That’s what faith can do. ” (Kutless, “That’s what faith can do)

I know the menopause piece is going to be difficult, as my oncologist is always upfront with me about things but I also know that the God who has healed me is also in charge of this, so He can make my side effects much more manageable. I also know that no day in the future is promised to us, but we are certainly rejoicing with the news we have been given for today and and praising Him for that. So I am asking that you please pray that it is that way, and that it is far better than I could have ever hoped for! It will be hard with these physical things and emotional and hormonal things with young children, but God has gotten us through so much that I know He will not leave me nor forsake me now. I also have to have a second surgery to re-construct my right breast in a few months so please keep praying if you don’t mind! I know that all of the prayer has carried us this far and I believe with all of my heart that it will continue to carry us, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to remember me in your prayers now and in the future. Our God is an awesome God! Mighty in power and just so amazing! Never give up my friends! No matter what people tell you remember that you, too, “can do all things through Christ who strengthens you” (Philipians 4:13) .

And one of my favorite verses that is on my bracelet is Proverbs 3; 5-6:’ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.” We do not always understand the reasons why things happen in life or why we must go through certain things that are difficult and painful, but we do trust Him with all of it. We have always asked God to use us and though this is not a path I would have chosen, since God has allowed this to pass through His hands for me I say “amen.” because what satan intends for evil God uses for good.

I have always felt in my heart God was going to use Chris and I somehow, and never knew exactly how but just trusted Him with that. I still do not know exactly how, but in December Chris admitted to me that he has stopped fighting with God these past couple of years and has decided to give in! He is going back to school to get a degree in ministry, something he was trying to talk God out of but has now accepted the nudge. He applied and got accepted to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and is going to start courses on-line in March. This is a huge step for us and it will no doubt be a long , hard road for Chris finding the extra time for him to do this online but we know if it is from God He will make provisions and allow it to be. So I am humbly asking for more prayer for us with this, and I thank you for that. It is just so truly amazing to see God’s work in our lives, and to know that He has chosen each one of us to spread His glory is humbling and amazing all at the same time.

Thank you for your love and your prayers; and please keep praying as we have a long road but a road that is centered on Him.

Love and God bless, April, Chris, Faith, Savannah Grace and Isabella Hope

1/29 update (from April)

“This hope is an anchor for the soul firm and secure” (Hebrews 6:19)

Hello everyone! I hope this message finds you all happy and well! We are doing well over here, praise God! I was able to come home from the hospital last Thursday after 10 days there! That was a bit longer than we had expected due to an infection I contracted and the need for 5 blood transfusions but I know God had it all for a reason. Two of our three girls were sick with the terrible flu, as well as many of our caregivers. I could not come back to our home Thursday because of all of the sickness and was fortunate enough to stay at our pastor’s house right down the street for a few more days until Sunday when all was clear here! Thank you Pastor Dave and Mrs. Larsen!

Our family and friends have been incredible during this hard time helping all they can while also staying with and visiting me in the hospital for my unexpected extended stay. I know the prayers from people have been working over time but they make all of the difference so we are so truly grateful. I think Chris is truly exhausted, trying to balance taking care of the kids yet also wanting to be with and see me, so it was tough but now that I am home it feels much more manageable for all of us.

They say I am healing well and I go back next week for my normal 3 week infusion and also some re-checks, so that will be good. I am blessed to have some visiting nurses come to our home every few days and watch me as well. Five out of 6 of my drains have been removed, and let me say that was a wonderful feeling! It is incredible what they can do with the human body and it amazes me how skilled these surgeons are and how God makes our bodies able to heal and adapt. The girls were amazed by mom’s drains and thought I was this cool yet gross science experiment all at the same time! Oh from the mouth of babes, the things they say!
It has been great to be back home with Chris and my 3 little ones, although the rest I had in the hospital and after was something I have never felt before! But oh how my heart missed them and could not wait to be with them again!

Some of you may remember I had asked for prayer a few times a while back for my friend Brandi who had the same cancer I have. She was also diagnosed one year after nursing her baby and they, too, thought it was nursing lumps. Unfortunately it was not and she had surgery and started aggressive treatment when her youngest was one. She did well at first but I met her at Smilow during a treatment together after she found out her cancer had returned. We met because we were there together each Tuesday and our eyes smiled at one another the way an old friend’s do when you see each other again after a while. My bag I was carrying which was given to me as my “chemo bag” from my good friend Danielle says “This Hope is an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” (Hebrews 6:19) and her husband came over to Chris and I and said his pastor preached that sermon this past week, and this started the conversation and a new friendship!. From there we talked and talked, sharing our love for Christ, our passion for our children, (mine were 1 1/2, almost 3 and almost 6 at the time and hers were 3 and 5 at the time!) and our zest for life! We were 2 of the youngest ladies on the chemo floor and had our treatments together each Tuesday for 6 months. It was truly a joy to be there together, talking, laughing, praying together. She had to have a break and try new treatments right around summer time, and I too, was given a chemo break for the summer! We still spoke, but not nearly as much as we had each Tuesday at our chemo time together. Not that anyone wants chemo each week but you do find the highlights of things while you are going through them and the wonderful nurses and friendship Brandi and I had made was certainly one of them! In the fall we had different chemo schedules now; she was doing a trial as her cancer was spreading and mine was disappearing even. It was hard to talk at times because we were facing the same battle now with two entirely different outcomes, yet we had the same God. It is the same Jesus we both clung to for hope and healing, for miracles and control. We were blessed to cry and pray together and pour out our hearts to Him, for He knows what our desires are anyway but we still told Him together, yet all the while we were trusting Him no matter what. Right after Christmas I talked to Brandi and she was not doing well; my heart was breaking for her and Matt and their two young children. It had happened really fast, and she was slipping quickly as the cancer was growing throughout her entire body now and causing her a lot of pain. While I was having my double mastectomy on January 13th getting a second chance at life Brandi was in hospice, getting ready to go home with Jesus. Matt told me it was quick and asked us to pray for her pain relief, and on January 14th she did indeed go home. She was a wonderful person, with a life taken much too quickly from this evil disease, but I was blessed to know her and her husband for the first year of my treatment. Chris and I are still trying to make sense of it all, as are they I am sure, but in the end we know God wins. We do not always know why things happen the way they do, or why some are healed here on earth and some are not, or why it has to happen at all, but we trust, we have faith, and we keep praising Him. For He is our rock and our salvation. We keep our eyes focused on Him and keep going.

Please pray for Brandi’s husband Matt, and their children. And please continue to keep Chris, myself and our girls in your prayers. I know this is a life-long battle for me, and once in a while it gets daunting and overwhelming and I feel like I may sink, but that is when I am reminded of Peter walking on the water keeping his eyes on Jesus. I cannot let me eyes focus on the waves and storms around me or I will surely sink, but I must keep my eyes on Him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love and continued prayers and for sharing this journey with us. We will praise Him always, and continue to believe and receive this miracle He has given us. May you all be filled with His joy and peace.

Love and God bless, April, Chris, Faith, Savannah Grace, and Isabella Hope

“This hope is an anchor for the soul, firm and secure”. (Hebrews 6:19)

1/23 update (from Beth)

To everyone that has sent thoughts, prayers and well wishes…thank you! April was released from the hospital yesterday and is recovering at a friend’s home nearby while Chris ensures ALL the flu virus has left the house! It’s safer for her this way for now. Faith and Bella have recovered well, and so far Chris and Savannah have eluded the flu. Hoping for a big homecoming tomorrow! Stay posted!