How great is our God?!!! The praise and prayer service last night at our church was AMAZING!! Thank you to all who were able to be there; we are truly blessed. Thank you also to everyone praying; from the bottom of our hearts we could never thank you enough. My heart is overflowing with love and joy and praise for our God, and I am filled with HOPE! I declare in Jesus’ name that “by His stripes I am healed.” The love that is being displayed to our family in this difficult time shows to us again that God is with us each step of the way. We do not deserve His love and mercies, but it is by His grace, and I am so grateful for that. Thank you to everyone does not relate what my heart wants to express to each of you, but it is all I know to say right now. Please keep praying for our miracle; I know He is going to give us one! Love and God bless, april and family