How you can help

There will be many days to come that April & Chris will need our help during the course of her treatments at Yale.

You can sign up to volunteer to provide childcare, do a house cleaning shift, do laundry or help with cooking a meal. We will post the needs into the calendar on this site—including cooking, childcare, laundry & housecleaning.

April & Chris can also use donations to help them through this long. long battle. They will be traveling to Yale in New Haven weekly for her treatments.

Items you can donate:

Gas gift cards
Visa or Mastercard gift cards to be used for weekly co-pays, prescriptions, medical supplies
Organic fruits (bags of apples, blueberries, strawberries, pears, bananas, grapes, etc. for juicing)
Organic vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinache, kale, fennel, mint, etc. for juicing)
Sign up to donate time—laundry, childcare & cleaning will all be ongoing over the years < br> Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer
Monetary donations to go toward medical costs: For information on making a monetary donation, please contact Lisa at 617-306-8395 or

Feel free to help in any way that you can! Our family could never thank you enough for all the prayers, donations, help & support. We are forever grateful for the help you are giving to the Gentes & Robert Families!

Thank you SO much & God bless! (:

Lisa Gentes-Hunt