Update (from April)

So the last few weeks have been amazing! I am at my treatment at Yale right now but still no chemo so that is incredible , praise God! We are all loving and enjoying the summertime, and just having lots of fun! God’s timing is always perfect, and I am still humbled and amazed that he orchestrated this chemo break for me at the perfect time. His love is just amazing! I was blessed to be able to speak at a local church and share some of my story and His great love for us. I was awed that He would choose me to share His love and blessings in our life and just loved doing it! Maybe He will continue to use me in this way and that would just be incredible! Whatever His plan is I know it is for good and will continue to trust in Him.

Chris and I have been able to talk and stay up together at night and that has been awesome! And the girls are just loving having “mom back” and have been hugging and jumping and playing on me more now that I am feeling good again! Still fighting lik e cats and dogs again one minute and then loving each other the next, but that is what siblings do! So they are also succeeding at driving mom crazy again as well! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the continued love and prayers; I know they make all of the difference and am so grateful to all of you for taking the time to pray to our great God on our behalf. May you all be blessed as well. I have my next scan on august 6th so please pray for more amazing results and for the doctors to have wisdom and guidance as for what to do when we meet with them on the 12th.

I thank you again, love and God bless, April and Family