Full of praises to our great God!!

It has been such a beautiful couple of weeks, praise God! I did not realize how sick I was feeling for the last 6 months until I have had a taste of how good it feels to feel good again! I am never ever going to want to go back on chemotherapy or radiation again, but I also know that God will give me the strength and carry me through once again when I have too. But oh it has been wonderful! Just enjoying everyday things with Chris and my girls, and how perfect God’s timing is that I have a chemo break during the summertime, with my kids which is my favorite season. I do go today for two of my three drugs, -not chemo- so I humbly ask for prayers once again that all continues to go well and for safe travels. I am taking Faith with me as she has been asking for months to go with mom and I told her once school was out I would take her. She is very curious as to where mom spends so much time every week so please just pray for her tender heart while she experiences all this today. Thank you again for all of the continued love and prayers, we are watching a miracle happen thanks to our great God! May God bless your days! Love April