Praise God!

I just heard from my doctor and she said that the tumor board was all on board for going ahead with the surgery! Praise God! So this seems like the direction we should be going in as the doors are opening and this is what we felt in our hearts would be best from the beginning. So I have an MRI Tuesday and then a consult where Chris and I will meet the surgeon and go over the results on Friday the 12th. So please pray that we stay on God’s path for us and make the best decision all around. I am so excited to get the ball rolling though! Thank you for your continued love and prayers! My sister will be adding to our cancer website she created for me to help with rides since she only scheduled up until this past Tuesday, so thank you in advance! I will keep everyone posted as soon as we know more at the end of next week! Please keep praying as this will be a long road but I know God has us and He has been with us this entire time, carrying us. We serve an awesome and mighty God!
Love and God bless, April