Making Progress

HI Everyone! Chris and I just met with my breast surgeon who seemed amazing and everything seems to be a go for the surgery! Thank you for all of the prayers, we truly appreciate it. They very rarely, if ever, do this surgery on patients with metastatic cancer so we are truly humbled and grateful that God has allowed us this opportunity. It will be at Smilow at Yale-New Haven and it looks like it will be at the beginning of January. We will need lots of help after this so this is the hard part again and so I thank you all in advance for all of your love, prayers, support and help with this. This will be difficult for the girls as I will be away from them in the hospital so please pray for them as this will be approaching. Also please pray for Chris as this will be a long road to take care of our girls and me! I know God will give us the peace and strength and help to get through but it will still be hard!
It is funny that just one year ago almost to the day I was crying at an office in Boston after being told I had to have my left breast removed; I was so devastated about losing the breast, and then chemo and radiation. Then, hours later that same day, we were crying in that same office after being told the news that what I had was terminal and had only 2 years to live. How I wanted to just rewind to that morning where all I was losing was a breast and some time from chemo. Isn’t it amazing how now I am rejoicing to be simply at the place where I was last year and truly elated about the surgery that I am again able to have? Only through the grace of our mighty and awesome God is this possible! Jesus heard our cries right from the very beginning and has answered our prayers! And even though it has been the longest, most difficult year Chris and I have faced together God has supplied all of our needs and given us His peace throughout it. He has promised in His word that no tear we ever cry is ever wasted and that He hears us and He answers us. Sometimes it is in the way we want and sometimes it is not; that is up to Him to decide. But through all of this we trust Him, we praise Him, and we give Him all the glory. Thank you for believing and trusting with us. Thank you for being a part of this miracle, and what a beautiful season to have a miracle in, where the greatest miracle to ever happen on earth happened where our Lord and Savior was born for us!
Enjoy this beautiful season of love and miracles! Embrace your family and friends and give thanks to our wonderful God for all He has so abundantly blessed us with!
Merry Christmas!
Love and God bless, April, Chris, Faith, Savannah Grace and Isabella Hope.