Help needed

As we gear up for April’s surgery on Jan. 13, we are in need of many volunteers to assist April & her family over the next three months. I’ve added 2 immediate dates to our help calendar–a need for rides to Yale for tests/treatments on Dec. 30 & Jan. 6.
Also, we are once again seeking meal help, laundry help & eventually childcare & nursing help for April post-surgery.

I’ve added dates to the help calendar for assistance with meals & laundry for January through the spring. Once we find out the childcare & nursing help for April, we will add those in. (Expecting to have the dates added about 2 weeks post-surgery.)

If you can donate a meal or two, or do a load of laundry, we would greatly appreciate it. Please sign up on the calendar or email me and I will add you in.

It will take a small army of volunteers to provide care for April, Chris & the girls over these next few months and we are so THANKFUL to all the volunteers who have helped us over the past year & continue to help us!

Our family could never, ever begin to thank you for the prayers, donations, gifts, and volunteer assistance you have given to April & Chris.

Please share this website with your friends & family—every bit of prayer & support is appreciated.

Come end of February/early March, April will be in need of daily, 2-hour childcare assistance along with rides to her daily radiation treatments. After 6 weeks, she will once again begin her “normal” chemo schedule. Come late spring, we are hoping April & the volunteers will earn a much needed rest!

Please keep praying for complete healing for April, strength to make it through this long & grueling journey, for both her, Chris & the girls. Our family will forever be grateful for you love, support & kindness over the past year and months to come.

The Gentes/Robert family could never thank you enough.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas, joyous New Year and blessed 2015!

Lisa Gentes-Hunt
Cell: 617-306-8395