Update and surgery!

Hi Everyone! I hope this finds you all happy and well, even in this crazy cold weather! Thank you all for your continued love and prayers, we are so grateful for them. I am preparing for my surgery for my double mastectomy which will be on Tuesday, and am asking for prayers that day for not only for myself but for the surgeons, nurses, our family and our girls please. It is going to be a long day, 12 hours of surgery! But since I will not be remembering any of it I ask that you pray for peace for Chris and our families as they are waiting. Please pray that the surgeons do all that they are supposed to and that God guides their hands; also the last time I had a surgery I had a pulmonary embolism after it so please pray that nothing like that happens again and that God just surrounds me with His loving care and protection.
I know that after will be difficult so I just ask that you please keep me in prayer as you remember for complete healing and also for our girls, that they adjust to all of this okay. This will be the hardest part for me I know, not being in their moment-by-moment and day-by-day lives that I am so used too. I know God has us and that Jesus is already filling me with His peace that surpasses all understanding because I am not nervous or afraid, and I know that only He can take that from me and provide me with His assurance instead. So thank you for continuing to pray as I feel them already each day. But I know I have a very long road and will need His constant love and peace each moment, each day. So please just pray as you think of it over these next few months.
Thank you as always for all of the love, help, gifts and goodness from your hearts. You are all perfect examples to our family of what God meant when He gave us His commandment to “love one another.” Thank you for showing the love of Jesus through yourselves.
Love and God bless, April
Ps. I know the doctors will be coming out to update Chris and our family periodically on Tuesday so I will have him or Lisa post a few updates. Thank you!