June 15, 2016 Surgery went well and we are on our way home now, praise God!! Thank you thank you for your love and prayers, God is so good! Now for some resting and healing! (: we are humbled and grateful! Love and God bless, April

Prayers please (:

June 9, 2016 Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all happy and well! We have had a beautiful spring and are hoping for another a terrific summer! The kids are out of school next week and they are both happy and sad, because they absolutely all loved their teachers and classmates once again! IContinue reading “Prayers please (:”

Thanksgiving Blessings

Two years ago tonight I sat down to share news from that day that we never in our worst dreams ever thought we would have to share: that the cancer I had found out I had about a month before was terminal cancer. Never in your life can you prepare yourself to hear those words;Continue reading “Thanksgiving Blessings”

Praises! A Clear Scan For April!!

  Hello everyone! Thank you all for your love and prayers! My surgery went great yesterday and I am at home resting and healing now, praise God! And my oncologist just called with the great news that my scans are ALL CLEAR again! Amen Amen!! Our God is an awesome God! I will continue toContinue reading “Praises! A Clear Scan For April!!”

Thank you

Thank you for all the love and prayers, I was super calm and peaceful once again praise God! One of our favorite doctors even came over and prayed with me! Amen! Should have results tomorrow or Thursday, and surgery is scheduled for 10:45 tomorrow, about 4 hours or so. Love and blessings, April 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Upcoming Scan

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you happy and well and that you are able to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful fall weather! I am not a fan of the cold as you know but fall in New England is truly one of God’s masterpieces that I am so grateful to experience. The colors areContinue reading “Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Upcoming Scan”

Heading to Disney World!

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you happy and well! We have been doing well here, praise God! We had an absolutely beautiful summer, and I am sad to see it end. The girls are just getting so big and time is flying so fast, and I am feeling the best I have in overContinue reading “Heading to Disney World!”