Beauty Within (From April)

Thank you all once again for the constant love, prayers, cards, notes and encouragement. The last few weeks have been relatively “uneventful” in the cancer world, which is a good thing, praise God. My counts have all been good and stable, which means I can continue to receive my weekly chemotherapy treatments without any interruption.Continue reading “Beauty Within (From April)”

Amazing fundraiser from an amazing community

On Saturday February 15, the volunteers of the Voluntown Fire Company put together an amazing chicken dinner fundraiser for April. To say the response was overwhelming would be putting it mildly. This event, take out/drive through only, sold 700 tickets AND was turning people away on the event day because they were sold out! ToContinue reading “Amazing fundraiser from an amazing community”

Chicken BBQ fundraiser still on!

UPDATE ON FEB 15: Even with the snow, the Robert Family Benefit is still on today!!!   Anyone who pre-purchased a ticket and can’t make it out today due to weather conditions can pick up their dinners at the fire station Sunday 16th between 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.   There is a drive-thru for pre-purchased tickets at the frontContinue reading “Chicken BBQ fundraiser still on!”


If you are interested in the pink support bracelets, feel free to ask April or Chris–they have a supply of them. Or contact April’s sister-in-law, Beth Robert Small at or 619-861-8283. She created/ordered them and can mail you some, too. They are free!Thank you all! Keep praying for a cure!