Help Needed: Backup Babysitters For April

Hi Everyone-
I wanted to see if anyone in the nearby area (near Voluntown, CT) is interested in being a substitute/emergency backup babysitter for April’s 3 girls.
She has steady childcare coverage for Tues-Fridays mornings & afternoons/evenings, but we are looking to create a substitute/backup list for days when a babysitter is out sick. With her chemo, she’ll have to be very cautious not to be around those with illnesses & infections.
If you are interested in being a backup sitter please email me to let me know your information and I’ll add you to the list I’m compiling.
Thank you all SO much for supporting my sister & her family during this time! Your prayers & support are truly carrying her through this.
Thank you & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Lisa (:

Not so bad, praise God!

Thank you thank you thank you for all the love and prayers for today! Even though it was stormy outside with all the snow we were calm inside by the grace of God! It was a bit of a long day as we didn’t get home till almost 8! BUT, I had no bad reactions while I was there to any of the medicines and I even got to put my feet up and take a nap for a bit! The most relaxation I have had during the day time hours since my children were born! The staff was wonderful and we just felt so comfortable there. Amazing. God is slowing me down and that is good.I had a lot of time to read and Chris and I learned so much more about the “cancer diet”. So I will be doing lots of juicing and eating lots of “raw ” fruits, veggies and some grains. Not the most fun diet but I am willing to do whatever we need to to destroy these cancer cells and grow back strong, healthy ones! I am deeply touched by all of the love, messages and calls; thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless all of you. Jesus said; “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” (Matthew 21:22) I pray for COMPLETE HEALING dear Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

First chemo treatment

Hello everyone. Thank you again for all of the love, prayers and support you have shown all of my family during this time; there are no words to express my sincere gratitude. I did get a call from my oncologist today confirming the breast cancer in my liver; the 2 tumors there are cancerous ones and it is the same cancer that is in my breast and lymph nodes. So now we need a bigger miracle. BUT my God is a God of great miracles and He is the great Healer; I am trusting in Him to do this for me. Please continue to join me in that prayer. I start my chemo (ugh!) tomorrow at Yale and will be there from 10:30 until 4 or 5 they say; long treatments. Please pray for my peace and strength, and also for me to be able to handle my girls after this. Also pray for Chris; he does not show it but I know he is hurting inside. He is so strong for me and so faithful to our great God, but I know he is still scared. Pray that God continues to give me the peace that surpasses all understanding. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. ” (Hebrews 11:1) May God bless each of you. Love April

Thank you

Thank you all for the prayers Friday for April & Chris! April did well and is recovering from her liver biopsy & has her chemo port in. They are returning to CT today after some much needed R & R in a Boston hotel.
Keep praying for total healing from this cancer!
Thank you all!!
Love, Lisa (:

God is so good

Hi Guys! thank you everyone for the love and prayers!! God is so good! In a bit of pain but on my way too healing! 

🙂 Please keep us in your prayers and my exact prayer for now if you can all join me is that when they read the biopsy for the liver tumors they find that there is NO CANCER and then they decide to do the masectomy after all! Amen to that, right?! Thank you for loving our family so much during this time, we can never say it enough. May God bless you all. love april 

Over 150 Strong! Helping April Beat Cancer

What a huge blessing to have so many wonderful people in our lives to help April, Chris & the girls during this difficult journey.

We have over 150 volunteers that have joined Lotsa Helping Hands to support April. Amazing!

Keep up the prayers for healing, strength and a miracle—April has her liver biopsy at Mass General in Boston on Friday, and she will have her chemo port placed as well. Keep the prayers going!

Thank you all so, so much!

My older sister is an amazing source of inspiration, strength & hope for all who know her—and all who are following her journey here. God is comforting her through this long battle with breast cancer & your support is key.

Thank you & God Bless you all! Love, Lisa (:

How you can help

There will be many days to come that April & Chris will need our help during the course of her treatments at Yale.

You can sign up to volunteer to provide childcare, do a house cleaning shift, do laundry or help with cooking a meal. We will post the needs into the calendar on this site—including cooking, childcare, laundry & housecleaning.

April & Chris can also use donations to help them through this long. long battle. They will be traveling to Yale in New Haven weekly for her treatments.

Items you can donate:

Gas gift cards
Visa or Mastercard gift cards to be used for weekly co-pays, prescriptions, medical supplies
Organic fruits (bags of apples, blueberries, strawberries, pears, bananas, grapes, etc. for juicing)
Organic vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinache, kale, fennel, mint, etc. for juicing)
Sign up to donate time—laundry, childcare & cleaning will all be ongoing over the years < br> Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer
Monetary donations to go toward medical costs: For information on making a monetary donation, please contact Lisa at 617-306-8395 or

Feel free to help in any way that you can! Our family could never thank you enough for all the prayers, donations, help & support. We are forever grateful for the help you are giving to the Gentes & Robert Families!

Thank you SO much & God bless! (:

Lisa Gentes-Hunt


How great is our God?!!! The praise and prayer service last night at our church was AMAZING!! Thank you to all who were able to be there; we are truly blessed. Thank you also to everyone praying; from the bottom of our hearts we could never thank you enough. My heart is overflowing with love and joy and praise for our God, and I am filled with HOPE! I declare in Jesus’ name that “by His stripes I am healed.” The love that is being displayed to our family in this difficult time shows to us again that God is with us each step of the way. We do not deserve His love and mercies, but it is by His grace, and I am so grateful for that. Thank you to everyone does not relate what my heart wants to express to each of you, but it is all I know to say right now. Please keep praying for our miracle; I know He is going to give us one! Love and God bless, april and family

Prayer service

Thank you all again for your love and prayers; it is keeping us going strong!! (:
We are constantly touched and humbled. If anyone is in the area our church Voluntown Baptist Church 52 Main Street, is having a prayer and praise service Sunday evening at 7:00 pm. It is a time of praising our God and asking Jesus to heal,which I know He is, and I am sure it will be beautiful! There will be songs and praise and prayer, so if you are around please come join us If you are not able to make it but would like to join us in prayer please pray around the 7:00 time for a while for complete healing.. “All things work together for God to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. ” Thank you again for all of the love and prayers. We are deeply touched and so blessed to have such an amazing group of family and friends, thank you Jesus


A big thank you!

We have over 100 people that have signed up for the site! Truly amazing. How you all are praying, supporting the Gentes-Robert family, volunteering—it’s so amazing & inspiring.

We could never thank you all enough.

April is meeting with her oncologist Monday & having her liver biopsy & port put in at Mass General Hospital in Boston on Friday. Keep praying for her! She needs the boost of support, hope & prayers.

Thank you all for your love & kindness!
Love, Lisa (:


Please check the list of “likes” for the 3 girls (posted on this site.) That would be a great help! (:

Also, April would not be able to eat the high carb dishes. April will be on a high whole food, high protein diet–things like meat, green leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables. April can not eat pasta & white rice, etc. She CAN eat dairy, spices, etc.
Thank you!
Love, Lisa

Thanks for the prayers

Hi everyone! Yesterday was an extremely long day but again we felt all of your prayers just carrying us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that. I have a liver biopsy/minor surgery next week as well as my port to be put in for the chemo treatments. Hopefully we can do this on the same day but we will see. I will be transferring to Yale New Haven for the rest of my treatments from this point forward. It is just too long each way with the traffic to Boston (over 3 hours each way, and then of course the long treatments on top of that.) My oncologist is on board with this and thinks it is best, so I will be starting my chemotherapy on Tuesdays at Yale New Haven indefinitely. After hearing all of the info. about chemo it is a small miracle that anyone chooses to go along with it! But i know that God is with me through it all and that He will carry me. I am also going to a natural energy medicine doctor each Wednesday and a Christian chiropractor each Saturday who says “I move the bones, God does the healing.” Amen to that! Please continue to pray for our miracle, as this is going to be a long, hard journey until Jesus heals me completely, and I will need His love and strength to do this. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. “This hope is an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” (Hebrews 6:19)

Thank you!

Hi everyone. We have added all the updates to our Cancer Website for April Gentes-Robert & Chris Robert. We have lots, and lots of needs. Those in RI can always drop off stuff to Chris at work in Smithfield, too. Please go to the website, create a login & password. It’s private. I am the only one that can see your personal info! This is the only way to keep track of the thousands of needs that will arise over the years. Please, please sign up. It’s super quick & easy. April & I both use the app on our iPhones, it’s free too. EVERYTHING will be on this website. We can’t keep up with the texts, emails & messages. So Please share the link with all your family & friends. You need to register & then confirm your email. THANK YOU!


So I had a really hard night last night. After the kids were all settled and asleep and Chris and I finally had a moment to contemplate and process all that we were told this past week I broke down. I sobbed on my husband and shook with the fear that has been creeping us inside of me. I cannot explain how life has been turned utterly and completely upside down in days, and I am grieving the loss of my “old life,” my pre-terminal cancer diagnosis. I tried to process the thought of not being here to raise my 3 beautiful girls and walk besides Chris on this journey. I could not wrap my head around it. But then I remembered that God loves my girls more than I do, and I need to trust Him. Chris took me in his arms and cried with me and started praying the most beautiful prayer; just pouring our hearts out to Jesus. He let me cry and be sad and be angry and hurt; and then he reminded me again that God’s got us. And he is right. Thank you Jesus for my amazing husband; I do not deserve him and he is truly a blessing from You for me. So I humbly continue to ask for all of your prayers for us, as they are sustaining us right now. “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40;31 Love and God bless. April

Thank you all!

Thank you all so much for supporting our family! We could never thank you enough!

April, Chris & the girls appreciate all the prayers, messages, calls & emails. We know God is taking care of them!

We will be posting housework needs, childcare and grocery needs as they come up each week. There will be plenty of opportunities to help over the months & years to come! We just don’t have the needs scheduled/figured out quite yet. But soon we will!

Please check the site frequently for updates & feel free to leave a message or prayer for April in the different sections & be sure to check out the photos, too.

Keep praying! We believe in God’s healing power & we believe in miracles.

Love, Lisa